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Restaurante DONA celebrates the best that Portugal has to offer with a 4 course chef's menu in Amsterdam. An intimate living room restaurant with 10 tables available per evening. The two owners are the only staff of the restaurant, Sjors in the front and Diogo in the kitchen. They pay tribute to their grandmothers and Portuguese cuisine, telling the stories of Portugal's rich gastronomic heritage through the food, wine and produce. 

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With Restaurante Dona, owners Diogo and Sjors pay tribute to their extraordinary grandmothers and the Portuguese kitchen. 


Chef Diogo owes his love and exceptional cooking skills to his grandmothers, Tana & Tonica. Since childhood, they taught him the craft of the authentic Portuguese kitchen. Since, he has been sharing his passion and expertise in many European restaurants. Introducing guests from around the world to experience tantalizing Portuguese dishes. 


For Sjors, Dona is the embodiment of his passion for hospitality and the unconditional support in this from his grandmothers. Bep and Nel always predicted Sjors would one day open his own restaurant. Supporting him throughout his career managing top rated restaurants.


Now, their dreams have become reality. Sjors and Diogo open their doors for guests to step into their grandmothers’ kitchens. Offering a truly authentic Portuguese dining experience.



noun [ daw-nah ]

Lady; Madam; a Portuguese title of respect, used with the given name

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Private event

Looking for a private location for your birthday party, business dinner or any other occasion, Dona is perfect for groups untill 30 guests. We offer personalized service and a private restaurant for you and your guests. 

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Home Reservations


Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47 H

1053 RJ Amsterdam



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Opening Hours

Wed - Sat

18:00 pm – 23:00 pm

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Public Transport

Tram line 7 & 17
(Nicolaas Beetsstraat)

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